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Sled Dog Snowskates is now Odr skis

Great for advanced hockey players, inline skaters and skiers.

Changing The Game

Great for newcomers to the slope! The Eclipse incorporates a dynamic thermal liner with a flexible toe section which stretches to accommodate foot size variations.   This ski is great for both men and women and an excellent choice for someone just entering the sport. The Eclipse is frequently purchased by parents for children that are still growing as the Dynamic thermal liner allows multiple shoe sizes to fit in a single shell structure. 

Starting at $399.00 USD

Thermal Liner

Featuring a flexible toe box. This accommodates foot size variations.

Aero-Space Grade Buckles

R43 buckles give you micro adjustment for superior quality and fit.

40 MM Power Strap

The strap give control and adjustment.

Precision Engineered Ski Base

Superior short ski ski for shark turns and control.

Ditch the Ski Bag

With less equipment travel more.

Improve Fast

ODR Skis are the safest on the mountain.

Ski with Friends

Affordable fun. For Everyone.

Change the game

New skis, New moves. Show us!

As low as $36 / month

Precision Lock Aluminium Buckles
Responsive Liner - Max Comfort & Support
Proprietary Hard-Flex System
Speed & Performance
Upgraded Base Material & Finish
Reinforced Grab Loops